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Why do you need PR

Do you need to reach the right market for your product or band? A lot of time and money can be wasted reaching out to the wrong market. Let Great Golf PR help you define and communicate with your potential customers.

PR is an integral part of any marketing plan, but the problem for many clients is that PR companies generally have a very small personal reach within the market. 

They may talk about affiliations and contacts, but in reality, they rely on persuading publishing and media companies to promote their clients, something that most will have no real inclination to do.

What is Special about Great Golf PR

  • In-house web and online facilities
  • In-house magazine
  • Multiple online platforms
  • Solid Social Media base
  • Personal relationships with all main players in the market
  • In-house writers, journalists and bloggers

At Great Golf PR, we overcome these problems by having an incredible reach through all platforms that make up Great Golf Media, as well as through our Social Media reach and Partnerships with other publishers and media companies.
 We get our clients message out in the best possible way through our own multiple channels and those of our affiliates. After all, you want publishers and bloggers to promote your message and be involved.

Points of Action

Are your own platforms promoting your message correctly?

For most clients, their website is their shop window, and if the window is empty, dirty, or full of the wrong stuff, it’s just not going to work. Your website is the first port of call in any campaign. Our in-house Technical Department along with our PR team will come up with solutions to improve your message and how it is being conveyed.

Why should people buy your products or use your services?

The adage “Knowledge is power” is very apt. For any potential client to even remotely consider you, they must know about you. If this is done correctly, then they will have adequate information to make a rational choice.

Reaching out to your potential clients through information, stories and blogs placed on multiple platforms is vital. Through our in-house media platforms, partners, targeted social media and AdWords campaigns, and making sure that your own outlets are doing their job properly, we make sure that your story is heard by the right people.

How will the clients acquire your products or services?

A message is only a message without a built in “Call to Action”. There needs to be “routes to market” so that your potential client can react to the information. It is incredible just how often this is overlooked. We provide an in-built doorway along with helping you reach out to other organisations that can partner with you to make this happen.

In a Nutshell

We don’t like to brag, but having built up strong platforms and solid affiliations, we wonder how other PR companies manage at all. The world is ever changing, and to keep your brand in sight of your audience, you need good representation. In a nutshell, you need Great Golf.


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