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PuttOUT Putting Mat


Will the PuttOUT Putting Mat dramatically improve your putting?

It’s hard to practice your Drive in the house or office, but not your putting. And when you consider the fact that 40% of all shots taken during a round are putts, it makes sense to be able to practice were and when you like.

So when the original PuttOUT golf training aid came on the market, it was like a breath of fresh air.

It was only a matter of time before the company that brought us the PuttOUT Putting Trainer would add an accessory mat. Having had the Puttout for a while now, I can really see the logic in this. Its great to just set up on the carpet at home and putt away, but with the addition of this very portable mat, its now very easy to put in some serious practice anywhere.

 The Mat

This highly durable putting mat has a heavy-duty rubber backing that rolls flat on most surfaces, so you can practice your putting anywhere. The putting mats are available in two colour variations, green and slate grey. The Mat comes complete with printed alignment guides, distance markers and target points.

  • Repeat Putt - 25 Putts in a row, start again if you miss
  • Killer Putting Drill - Increase putt length by 2 feet each time and if you miss, lose a life and go again
  • Pace Putting Drill - Putt the ball to stop in the designated end zone
  • Alignment lines - Use the guides to help work on your stroke


Product Specifications

  • Rolled-up in bag - Diameter 16cm x Height 50cm
  • Open - Length 240cm x Width 50cm
  • Total weight: 2250g
  • Material: 100% Nylon / TP


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