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Top 5 bad golf rounds


Great Golf bring you a list of some of the most annoying situations that may occur on a golf course, obviously apart from our own poor performance.



5.Lack of any clear sign as to where the next tee might be


It’s the scourge of all badly maintained courses, there is nothing more frustrating than finishing a hole only to find that the next one is some sort of closely guarded secret that only the regulars and MI5 know about.
You head off in the only logical direction, bereft of any signage to help you on your quest, with the next group of golfers hot on your heels. And what do you find?  Instead of arriving at the sixth where you should be, you are actually on the thirteenth!


4. The Permanent “In the Rough” Golfer


Now this is a common phenomenon which all golfers come across at some point, it could be someone in your group. This is the golfer who lives in the rough, the fairway being some far flung exotic fantasy that always is just out of their reach. They begin the hole with a shot that, even though the fairway is as wide as a small country, just seems to fly as far away from it as possible. In terms of averages, you would assume that at some point they would actually hit the large green area in front of them, well this is not the case, by some bizarre act of nature, the rough pulls their ball in like a Black Hole.  All members of your group are called in to find the now lost ball, which, when found, merely ends up in the rough again a few yards further down the fairway.


3. The Diagonal Golfer


This alludes to the golfer who rather than playing down the fairway in a generally forward direction, seems to be always playing from either the right or left of the course. The diagonal golfer make’s an artform out of traversing each and every fairway in a diagonal direction, sometimes from the fairway but often from deep within the rough. The result is that where a Par 4 may take a regular golfer anywhere from two to four shots for to reach the green, the diagonal golfer will up the tally to anywhere from eight to twelve shots. The green usually also involves a journey of up to six further shots using the same zig zag technique.
If the game involved the most shots per hole, then these players would be considered true masters of the game. Should the rules and format change in their favour, then we may all be asking for their secret.


2. The Broken Buggy


There is nothing worse than finding that your buggy has suffered a fatal systems failure somewhere in the middle of the golf course. Like a ship rudderless at sea you sit there trying to figure out what to do. This never happens close to help, no, it happens miles from the clubhouse. No amount of pleading or turning it of and on helps. You try beating with branches and switching between forwards and reverse, all in vain. You have been given a dud and must now continue your round in the blistering heat of freezing cold on foot dragging your golf cart bag along with you.


1. The Wannabe Pro Golfer


It’s that all too well-known situation when your undermanned group are asked by that lone golfer if he can join you and make up the numbers. They seem pleasant enough at first, but it’s not long before you realise that they are one of those godlike golfers capable of reaching the green in one shot and sinking the putt with the next. All this know-it-all hanger on wants to do is show off their prowess at your expense. While you dig your way out of each and every bunker, or hack your way out of brambles and knee-high grass, Captain Golf is busy reaching the green in one shot and sinking every putt. Even worse, he starts giving you advice.