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Great Golf Holiday Deals


Great Golf Holiday Deals

There is something very special about being both a Publication and Golf Holiday Booking Site, and that is that we get amazing deals from the Golf Hotels & Resorts.

How does it work

We may sometimes take a barter deal from a Golf Resort or Hotel. This means that rather than paying Great Golf Media for an advert page within the publication, they give us room nights instead. The room nights are guaranteed within the deal as part of the contract leaving us to do with them as we please. What we then do is offer these room nights along with whatever additional supplements they may have, through Great Golf Holidays at a phenomenally discounted price.

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Unbeatable prices

We work on a fast turnover and look to sell the holiday within a week, and the best way to do that is to offer an incredible deal, sometimes less than 50% of the actual price.

Can others offer you this deal?

We think not. Great Golf Holidays are the only company to give you these offers. Furthermore, we are expanding our deal section so that within the near future we will have many to choose from each week.



Grab a deal

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab a deal, before someone else does.


Good to know

Great Golf Holiday Spaecial offers

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