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Chervo Golf Fashion - Let it rain


The storm clouds are gathering and it looks like a downpour is on the way. I need to book a tee time that guarantees rain, much to the confusion of my local club.


It’s a cold Saturday in June when a Chervo jacket is delivered to my door. I fully intend to put it through its paces on the golf course but today my son is playing in a football fiesta and I need to keep warm and dry.
    Yes, a football fiesta usually conjures up images of hot days, ice cream and irate parents on the touchline. Well, today two of these components are missing and it’s not the irate parents!
    We arrive twenty minutes before kickoff and the wind is howling across the pitch. As we all know, children are immune to the cold and the teams are happily warming up wearing only their requisite football kit. Ask children if they should maybe put on a coat and you are immediately scorned.
    Meanwhile I am already reaping the benefits of my Chervo jacket. I noticed that in the information they mentioned something about “Wind-Lock” technology. I have no real idea what that means, but one thing that I can say as I look across at my fellow parents in their assortment of summer and winter clothing (nobody can decide which season we are in) is that I am warm, which is more than can be said for those who decided to wear summer shorts.
    I am wearing the Millen-style jacket: lightweight, warm and – as I am soon to find out – waterproof due to its Aqua-Block properties. Yes, all the characteristics of an English summer are on hand. It’s not long before other parents notice my smugness and comments are made.


TO THE GOLF COURSE. This is the first time in my life that I am actually planning to play golf in the rain; it certainly does increase your chances of a tee time but strangely I just cannot seem to persuade anyone else to join me.
    I arrive at my local club with just a drizzle coming down, but I hope for much more of a downpour soon. In fact, by the time I arrive at the first tee, the rain has increased considerably. While I cannot say that this is the perfect condition to play in, I’m not suffering too badly; the Chervo Jacket is incredibly light and more importantly, keeping me dry.
    This is a quality product from the material right down to the stitching and of course the design which exudes taste and style. This jacket is not destined only for use on the golf course and will assuredly adorn me on many outdoor events.
    I have to say, like many of us, I have owned so-called waterproof sports jackets in the past, waterproofs that have not lived up to the hype that has accompanied them. However, I am pleased to say this jacket does, while also letting the body breathe and so stopping condensation. Add to this a lifetime waterproof guarantee and you have real value.


It’s imperative nowadays that sports clothing is not only practical but also stylish. Golf fashion has taken off in a big way and as golfers we want to look good, and why not? If fashion means nothing to you, then there are lots of alternatives that are going to be cheaper. But let’s face it; most of us want to look good. We will go that bit further to look stylish and own something of quality.
    Chervo are not going to be your cheapest option, but with quality like this you know that it’s going to keep you warm, dry and fashionable for many years, long after a lesser jacket has let you down and succumbed to the elements.

The Chervo brand was founded in 1982 by Peter and Manfred Erlacher who soon found success through cutting edge skiwear which combined technical attributes with a more casual style. During the 90s the company applied the same approach to both technical and casual clothing and moved into the golf market with a line of clothing combining Italian style and innovative own-brand materials.
    Now more than 30 years old, the brand has a truly worldwide presence and is available in Europe, Japan, China and Korea.


The company has its own highly tested materials under the name Chervo-Tex which guarantees that the product has been created using material for all weather conditions. Chervo-Tex offers the wearer a product that will allow them to perform in adverse conditions in comfort and with style.
    Products bearing the Eco-Safe® logo are further produced with the Ecolabel quality mark for certified fibre. This process assesses forty aspects of the production cycle with a view to guaranteeing maximum respect for the environment.

I work my way around an empty course; nobody else is brave, foolish or protected enough to tackle the weather and so I am on my own, typically, just when I am looking my best.
    Yes, there are other choices of waterproof jacket on the market, all boasting their credentials, but for me it’s more than just being dry. I want to look good too. We have to face up to the fact that we live in a country where rain is just part of our environment. Even with the best planning in the world we will be caught out. The only question is: in what manner are you going to prepare yourself for this eventuality? 


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Photoes courtesy of Chervo & Nils Bjornes