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What ever your needs, from advertising, editorial, PR, Social Media and more, work with the best, let Great Golf Media help you reach your audience.

  • Great Golf Media is your one-stop Media Partner to reach Golfers with a desire and means to purchase your product. We combine the needs of PR, Marketing, Social Media and Editorial all under one roof.

  • We produce the only Golf Travel & Lifestyle publication in the UK and are the go to source for golfers.

  • We successfully run PR and Marketing Campaigns for major clients.
  • We are literally talking to thousands of affluent golfers every day.

  • We have our own dedicated Holday Booking Portal to offer a direct "Call to Action" route for the public.
  • We have a selection of high end resourses that appeal to an affluent market.

  • As our name states, we are a combined Media, PR and Marketing provider operating within the golf market. Editorial is tied in with Social Media, Mailshot campaigns, Holidays and Products offers though our multiple online portals and platforms, plus exposure though our partners such as HSBC Premier Golf Network. 

  • Locations, Property and Products are all supported though our sites Great Golf Magazine, Great Golf Holidays, Great Golf Properties & Great Golf ProShop.

  • The Publication is placed at all Top UK Golf locations, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic VIP Lounges, P&O Club, City of London Financial Institutions, Private Jets & Clubs as well as direct to subscribers.

  • We reach your ultimate target group and offer them the required information and the opportunity to act.

  • Our publication is the envy of "paid for publications" in that it has a lifetime that they cannot emulate. Our readers keep their copies as a source of reference thus your advert will be seen over and over again. All editorial  is also available on the publication website and has an indefinite shelf life, accessible to anyone who wants it and requiring no inhibiting login.

  • All our editorial is available along with associated advertising, for free. We actively place our content through as many channels as possible at no cost and with no limiting login requirements. Quite literally, we are the go to source for all content related to Golf Travel & Lifestyle.
  • We continue to provide the locations with more magazines as needed for the duration until the new issue is released.

  • As this is a high end niche publication, your product will be seen as a sought after item.

  • We are the only Publication with its own built in Golf Holiday website  and Retail website, which gives readers the opportunity to actually experience what they read in an article for themselves. It also give you, the advertiser the opportunity to have a "Call to action" opportunity tied in with editorial. Talk to our staff about the different available packages.

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We just do not offer the same old flashing banner advertising that the dyed in the wool sites insist on. It does not work and only irritates the potential client, how many of us will leave a website because we cannot see anything interesting for all the banners and annoying moving adverts?
We offer select editorial/advertorial placement along with placed “call to action offerings”, thus engaging the potential client and not harassing them. 

Reach your potential clients

Whatever your business, from a Car Manufacturer, Airline company, Tour Operator, to Golf Resort or Product, Great Golf Media is your direct route to customers. Our approach is unique within the golf market and we offer an alternative that not only works in the 21st Century, but entertains your potential customers rather than trying to beat them into submission.

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