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Top 10 Great Golf Father’s Day Gifts


It's that time again and we all need to keep our fathers happy with the perfect gift on Father’s Day. We thought that we should make a “Top 10” list of the best items available on Great Golf ProShop.


Number 10

Golf Stole My Brain  £12.99

This may be the answer as to why he spends too much time on the golf course! Golf Stole My Brain is filled with previously unpublished stories and is illustrated with some of the funniest, most unusual golf photographs ever.

Whether it is the story of how Al Capone managed to shoot himself whilst playing a round, or the German farmer who filed a lawsuit against a nearby golf club claiming they had 'murdered' thirty of his cows, absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds!

Dale Concannon has written a wonderful book that lets us in on the captivating story of golf and the manic obsessives who have earned a place in legend with their whacky fairway antics. This book is a trawl through the best and worst players ever to pick up a titanium 3 wood.

About the author: Dale Concannon is a respected golf journalist and a former golf pro. He has written twenty-two books including the Sunday Times-bestselling biography of Nick Faldo, Driven. He has also published dozens of articles in a variety of national golf, travel, and outdoor publications.

Golf Stole my Brain


Number 9

Glenmuir- Men’s Structured Twill Golf Cap  £13.45

You can never have too many hats, so why not make sure that your father has a quality product. The Glenmuir Men’s structured Twill Golf Cap is 100% Cotton with a back buckle adjuster for comfort. It also looks good!

Glenmuir- Men’s Structured Twill Golf Cap

Number 8

Groovefix - Greenfix Pitch Repairer & Linefix360 Ball Line Marker Gift Pack  £23.99

GREENFIX PITCH REPAIRER & LINEFIX360 BALL LINE MARKER GIFT PACK is the perfect gift for any golfer. Groovefix products are precision made tools that any golfer will find useful.

Groovefix Sharpeners, pitch repairers, golf ball line markers and other products are produced using the highest-grade materials and manufacturing processes to create unique and stylish accessories that any golfer would value.


 Number 7

Game Golf Live - GPS Shot Tracking System  £145.00

The ultimate GAME GOLF product has arrived.  Introducing GAME GOLF LIVE - The world's first REAL-TIME automatic shot tracking system for iOS and Android phones.   Just tag, swing and dial in your game to lower your score!

The GAME GOLF platform allows golfers to see total score, fairway accuracy, greens-in-regulation, approach shot accuracy, scramble percentage, sand saves, putts and average club distances.  Compare your stats to others through our BENCHMARK feature, track trends and tendencies, compete in challenges with other GAME Golfers and share your round with friends!!

Game Golf Live

 Number 6

Emoji - 6 pack of novelty golf balls  £9.95

These would certainly add a bit of humour to a round of golf. The perfect gift for the golfer with a sense of fun. You can even choose a particular Emoji Golf Ball to represent your performance and mood on the day!

Emoji - 6 pack of novelty golf balls

 Number 5

St Andrews Whisky Tumbler & Hipflask Set  £15.99

As part of the official licensed St Andrews range, this attractive Hipflask and Tumbler set is ideal for the keen golfing Dad, for both on and off the course. Displayed in a beautiful colour box with the Old Course logo. Black brushed metal flask with a chunky glass tumbler.

St Andrews Whisky Tumbler & Hipflask Set

Number 4

Old St Andrews Golf Twilight 10 Years Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 70CL  £37.50

A true whisky for the golfer from the home of golf, the St Andrews Twilight 10 years old blended malt Scotch Whisky has a light floral nose that invites appreciation of the delicate flavours citrus and apples with a hint of ginger: leaving a satisfying, light and fresh finish.

Old St Andrews Golf Twilight 10 Years

Number 3

On Par Ostrich Scorecard Holder - Black & Red  £14.50

Not only will your scorecard be dry, safe and within reach while on the course, it goods good too!


The On Par Golf Ostrich Scorecard Holder is handmade from a durable faux leather outer cover and will hold a scorecard, pencil and a course planner. Designed to fit into most back pockets, the On Par Ostrich Scorecard Holder features an elasticated inner design that will hold your scorecard, course planner and pencil in place.


The On Par Ostrich Scorecard Holder has a Durable faux leather outer cover, holds all scorecard sizes and has a course guide holder and Pencil holder.

On Par Ostrich Scorecard Holder - Black & Red

Number 2

Arnold Palmer Chardonnay 2014 £22.50 (minimum of 6 bottles)

The Arnold Palmer Chardonnay is a unique blend of Chardonnay and Albariño from vineyards in cooler, maritime influenced districts of California. Chardonnay is well known for its characteristic fresh apple fruit aromas and rounded, rich flavors. Albariño is a less well-known variety hailing originally from very cool Atlantic vineyards of northwest Spain. Albariño adds exotic, floral peach aromas and vibrant acidity.
And why not mix things up and have a collection of 6 bottles from different Golfers Vineyards, a Jack Nicklaus Private Reserve for example.

Arnold Palmer Chardonnay 2014

Number 1

Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer

The key to great putting is practice so with regular use of a PuttOUT you’ll be able to hole more putts! PuttOUT is a pressure putting training device. It has a scientifically shaped target with a parabolic curve which rejects bad putts and returns good ones seamlessly. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed - great feedback for getting the pace just right.

If you build putt repetition into your practice routine you’ll improve your putting and increase your confidence. PuttOUT gets you used to holing pressure putts and if you click the disc to open the micro target, the ball must hold for the perfect putt. Take the challenge!

PuttOUT is a quality product ergonomically designed to fold and to fit into your golf bag easily. Practice anytime, anywhere, on carpet or a putting green.


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